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Robotron A 5120
VEB Buchungsmaschinenwerk Karl-Marx-Stadt, 1982
CPU: U880 (Z80 clone)@2,5 MHz
Memory: 64 Kb
Drive: 3 x 5,25" floppy
Monitor: 80x25 pixel, monochrome
Operating system: SCP (corresponds to CP/M), REDABAS and TP
The desktop Robot A5120 was launched in 1982. It represented the first version of the office computers in GDR. For its time Robot A5120 had rather good characteristics, such as: flexible configuration options, compact construction and good service.
In the 1980s Robotron A 5120 was mostly used by firms and scientific institutions. Partly because its price was pretty high: from 60.000 to 80.000 DM.

However it was also applied in such spheres as:
Software development
Machine control
Measuring station
Conversion of data