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Kleincomputer KC 85/4
VEB Mikroelektronik Wilhelm Pieck Mühlhausen, 1988
The small computers of the KC 85/2-4 series were built from 1984 in the GDR by the state-owned company VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Mühlhausen from the Kombinat Mikroelektronik Erfurt in the models HC 900, KC 85/2, KC 85/3 and KC 85/4. The manufacturer initially thought of the hobby and private sector, but most of the computers were claimed for institutions of popular education. Until shortly before the end of the GDR (about 1988), these computers were difficult for private individuals to obtain. The high price (3,900 M for the KC 85/3 – later reduced to 1,750 M, 4,600 M for the KC 85/4 – later reduced to 2,150 M) also ensured that the "small computers" hardly found their way into private households.