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Robotron A7100
Robotron, 1986
The A 7100 was the first mass-produced 16-bitpersonalcomputer in the GDR. It was introduced in 1985 and used a K1810WM86 main processor. This was an exact replica of the Intel 8086. Nevertheless, the A 7100 was only partially PC compatible. The device was manufactured from 1986 by VEB Robotron. The successor model was the A 7150 in 1988. The basic computer unit is 174 mm high, 486 mm wide and 451 mm deep. It weighs about 22 kg and has a RESETbutton and visual indicators of the status of the power supply and the fan. It can generate acoustic signals. As mass storage, a maximum of two 51/4"floppy drives of the types K5600.20(one-sided,80 lanes one-sided) or K5601(double-sided,80 lanes two-sided) can be installed in the desktop housing. Both drive models use Modified Frequency Modulation and a track density of 96 tracks per inch. They achieve a raw storage capacity of 0.5 MByte or 1 MByte per floppy disk. As an external keyboard, the manufacturer provided the models K7672.01 and K7672.03 with 104 keys each and the model K7637.91 with 106 keys.