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Robotron EC1834
Robotron, 1988
The EC 1834 was an IBM PC XTcompatible PC and was equipped with a 4.9152 MHz Intel 8086compatible CPU K1810WM86. A socket for a mathematical coprocessor(K1810WM87 or Intel 8087 were usable) was available. It had two 5.25 inch floppy disk drives (double-sided, each 720 kByte capacity), a hard disk (usually to 20 MByte, but partly also 40 MByte, of which initially only 32 MByte were usable), and had a main memory of 256 kByte. The main memory could be expanded with an additional memory expansion (capacity: 384 kByte) to 640 kByte at that time the limit of conventional memory.