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Brunsviga 13ZK
Brunsviga-Machinenwerke Grimme Natalis&CO, AG, 1947
The characteristic shape of the Brunsviga machines from 1930 to the end of production in 1959 is found in this model: The revolution counter is fixed above the setting mechanism, the result mechanism in the slide below. The necessary displacement of the counting finger for the revolution counter is achieved with a swiveling lever that couples the counting finger and slide. A similar construction has already been carried out in earlier models, e.g. J or MH and in the Nova series. Everything is now a bit smaller here, whereby the desired ease of use led to further built-in components. The model 13 ZK has tens transmission in the revolution counter (letter Z) and in addition to the individual deletion of the three movements EW, UW, RW, a combination deletion with a lever (letter K). The result unit and the revolution counter can be combined with the setting unit using the small lever to the right of the setting control unit (this is where this model differs from model 13 ZG). The retransmission known from the Nova II is not built in, inasmuch as an essential addition has been dismantled (compared to the Nova series) to facilitate the fluent computing. The model 13 ZK was built from 1930 to 1945 and then from remaining stock until approx. 1949 in over 20,000 copies. The successor model 13 RK (from 1950) was then additionally equipped with reverse transmission and manufactured until the end of production in 1959.