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SHARP Pocket Computer PC-1270
Sharp Electronics, 1985
CPU: Sharp CMOS SC61720D16 ESR-J CPU (4 bit)
Clock speed: 1.024 MHz
Display: 16 alphanumeric character (5 x 7 dot) monochrome LCD
contrast adjustment control
Memory: This memory is provided by a card that fits into the back of the calculator
Dimensions: 135mm x 80mm x 9.5mm
Weight: 85 g (3.0 oz) including batteries
The Sharp PC-1270 is a run-time-only pocket computer that executes programs written in SBC BASIC. It can execute complex, lengthy programs and yet provides an extremely easy-to-use and un-intimidating interface for the user. It is a "dedicated purpose" tool that is quite powerful yet very cost-effective.
The programs installed in the PC1270 cannot be changed, deleted, or even read by the user. With the PROM CF-Series Flash cards, the program is stored permanently and will not be lost even if the calculator's batteries are completely dead.
The calculator uses a very accurate arithmetic calculation method that is ideal for financial and insurance institutions. Complex financial calculations can be performed with 10-digit floating-point BCD precision.