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Facit 1004
AB Facit, 1967
From 1967, the large-scale CM 2-16 (FDM 9431) hand-held machine was equipped with a new casing, which resulted in a lower weight. The technology remained completely unchanged, but the model name was changed to 1004. The rear derailleur consists of sprocket wheels with nine individual rungs each - unlike the smaller model C 1-13 (FDM 9443), which has split sprocket wheels. The keyboard is built in the Sundstrand arrangement: numeric keypad. The model 1004 is clearly recognizable by the asymmetrical front panel. It has retransmission from both the result mechanism and the revolution counter. Continued multiplications and direct further processing of quotients without new settings are possible. This machine was manufactured until about 1972 and in 1973 it only cost DM 525.