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Walther RM
Walther Waffenfabrik Zella Mehlis. i. Thür. , 1930
The Carl Walther company introduced a line of pinwheel calculators in 1924 to supplement their primary business in sporting firearms. Production continued until the 1939-45 war, then resumed in 1947 in West Germany. This pre-war Model RMKZ was built at the original plant in Zella-Mehlis in the 1930s. The machine is built from aluminium-alloy castings and is relatively light in weight. It has a setting check dial and tens-carry on the counter, but no back-transfer mechanism. The carriage is spring-loaded towards the left, and is moved one step at a time by the two vertical levers next to the winding handle. A button at the front releases the carriage detent to allow continuous movement. The accumulator register has small fibre thumbwheels next to each numeral wheel to allow values to be entered directly, eg, in setting up a division.